Blue Ridge Products offers a complete line of high performance wood finishes for cabinets and other interior wood applications. Most of these systems are available in whites and clears in a flat, dull rub, gloss, semigloss, and satin sheens. Each system has its own sealer or primer.

Precatalyzed Lacquer
High solids, UV Protected, low HAPS, designed to be used on furniture, cabinets, architectural millwork, and other interior wood application where good resistance properties are desired.  
Conversion Varnish This system is high solids water-white catalyzed urea formaldehyde-alkyd for use on any interior wood application where outstanding resistance properties are desired.
Waterborne Lacquer
Zero HAPS, low VOC, zero formaldehyde, and low odor making them ideally suited for applications where a "green" environmentally friendly wood finish is desired.
CAB Acrylic Lacquer
Formulated for use on interior wood for applications where non-yellowing is desired. 

Precatalyzed Vinyl Sealer
This system provides ultimate in adhesion, durability, water and chemical resistance when desired.  
Vinyl Sealer
Designed for use where you need the improved durability.  Low HAPS and is water-white.
High Solid Sealer
This sealer is designed for applications where a light color non-yellowing finish is desired.
Black Sealer
This sealer is high solid.  A typical application is for the popular sand through and distressed finish.

White Catalyzed Vinyl Primer
Designed to exhibit a good balance of hardness, durability, flexibility, water and chemical resistance.  
White Vinyl Primer
High solid with improved toughness and water resistance.
White Lacquer Undercoater
High solid ready to spray. It's quick dry, good coverage and easy sanding makes this undercoater excellent choice for cabinets, shutters, and interior trim.

Fast Dry Penetrating Wiping Stains
These stains are color fast, non-bleeding, and has a recoat time of 30 minute.  
Dye Stains
Primarily used to achieve the deep rich furniture-look colors. Dry time is 5 minutes.
High solids and heavy bodied oil based wiping glazes.  These glazes may be brush, spray, or wiped.